Having gone without TV at home for approximately 6 months I am sad to report that I have succumbed to the ‘box’.

The self imposed rules of my spontaneous TV fast were, a) unplug the TV at home and don’t watch it unless there is something really important on, b) allow wife to watch TV when you’re not around & c) watching TV when out is OK as avoiding TV altogether makes shopping, going to take aways, visiting friends etc an embarrassing experience.

My TV free 6 months and now watching TV again has taught me a number of things…

  1. TV is still a waste of time
  2. The adverts are worse (with the exception of the ‘Terracotta’ McD’s advert)
  3. TV is still a waste of time
  4. Most of the programmes on TV (with a few exceptions) are not worth watching
  5. TV is still a waste of time
  6. Not watching TV makes you feel like a social outcast

Basically I can’t stand TV and yet I still put it on and still watch it. Why do I/we do it?