There are somethings in life that you need to know and others that you just do not. However when you are married to a nurse you get to learn about a lot of extra (medical) things many of which you wish you did not know about and others that everyone should know about.

The Bristol Stool ChartAn example of one such thing is the Bristol Stool Chart/Scale. As yet I haven’t worked out which of these two categories this fits into however I feel it is a strong contender for ‘something that everyone should know’ category. In-fact I think every bathroom and public toilet should contain one, handily positioned to aid identification.

Whilst on this subject when I was in a pub recently with a group of other youth workers a local commented that youth workers talk about this kind of thing more than any other group (of adults) – just something to think about!

I have also just thought about a great new game along the lines of bingo, have not defined the rules yet but it has great potential..!