Ok so maybe I was slightly wrong about TV. There are a few good things on at the moment…

  • Spooks – Don’t think I need to say anymore. I didn’t watch the last series on TV but have got in to the current one and it’s cracking (although I did miss last weeks [BBC 2] episode so don’t tell me anything about it as I will have to wait for the DVD. Also been good watching it with mates at college. Also cheers to Steve for lending me Series 2 DVD which is also cracking, although not advisable to watch too many episodes in too shorter space of time.
  • Later – I was chuffed to see Later with Jools Holland back on TV. That took me back a few years as I haven’t seen that for years.

But apart from that TV is still rubbish – I can’t wait for the count down of top 50 TV channels that waste the most time on top 10/50/100/1000 count downs of everything. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if this weekend channel 5 have a 4 hour count down of top 100 fireworks with random C-list celebrities recounting how much they love the whizzy ones.