I promised in a previous post that I had a few pictures to share with you…


A Cockroach that we spotted in the Apple Store, Regent Street. He was going to buy a Shuffle until someone stood on him.

Dog Pushchair

Dog Pushchair
This is a Dog Pushchair which I spotted in the window of a shop in Lakeside. I have heard that dogs are often quite reluctant to go for walks so this is probably quite essential for many dog owners.

Best Worst Songs …ever

Best Worst Songs
Not sure whether someone in HMV was trying to be funny but this caught my eye.

Dog Template

Looks to me like someone held a dog against the back of this car and sprayed around it.

Grammatically correct graffiti

A notice from a toilet block on the A12. What is more impressive is that there are a few copies of this notice around the block and each one has a different set of errors corrected.

I think that is all the photos, I hope it was worth the wait!