I’m sitting on the train on the way home, and as usual the train the usual noisy type that ‘One’ operate on the Cambridge – Ipswich/Harwich line. As usual this train has an aroma, that is somewhere between wet towels and school changing rooms. On the plus side the train is warm, in fact it’s the warmest I’ve been all day!

Sitting near me on the train is an old couple, who pushed in front of me at the station, a couple of women drinking coffee and a man reading a book, having just polished off a box of grapes with his mate who got off on the stop before.

Rubbish on Train The old couple and the book man have just got off the train an I’ve noticed that they have left on their table; a newspaper, a plastic bag, a leaflet from a magazine, the grape box (full of grape storks), a crisp packet and some kind of card thing. Not bad considering the bin is only just behind their seat. but then its not like they are the only ones, the rest of the train is covered in liter.

The conductor has just taken the newspaper and coffee women is reading a Driving Theory Test book. I think I’d better get back to the work I was doing.

We are sitting in a station, next to the station is an ex-BT van, selling ‘Chicken, Kebabs & Burgers’. A bit further down the road i can see a man standing on a roof.

We’ve stopped, let’s hope not for too long.

A good train is coming past with approximately 32 containers on the back.

We’re off again.

‘High-speed’ train going the other way just frightened the life out of me!

20:02 21:02
Now coming in to Ipswich – almost home…