On tidying up a store box from church the other day I uncovered a number of books of youth group ideas. The best/worst of these was is ‘Boredom Busters’, a book of activites to ‘WAKE UP a youth group’.

The introduction to this book says ‘It’s mid-meeting and you’ve lost your kid’s attention…’ ‘…how do you pull these kids into the meeting? Call in the bordem busters!’ (p8)

I clearly haven’t read the entire book, however the best that I have found so far is 13, ‘A word from our sponsor’.

‘Say: “And now a word from our sponsor. Follow me for an important commercial break.”
Gather in a dark closet or room. Light a candle and say:
“Jesus is the light in the darkness. Trust him to guide you. Trust me to guide you back for the rest of the program.”
Blow the candle out and go back for more!’

…to be continued