Having recently, on a few occasions, driven into London, I have noted a few rules about driving in the capital.

  1. Don’t assume that just because its 11 o’clock at night it is a good idea to drive into Congestion Charging zone. It’s not.
  2. Drive a car that is…
    …big enough to make other drivers get out of your way, with a few previous battle scars so that you won’t mind when someone hits you
    …small enough to squeeze through any gaps in the traffic
    …fast enough to beat the BMW that inevitably tries to race you away from the lights.
  3. Pedestrians will walk out in front of you, especially at night, and it’s your fault if you hit them.
  4. Don’t wait for someone to let you out of a junction, drive into the middle of the road and make the other drivers wait for you.