I think it is time to move on from this blog, and this online identity. A talk by Andrew Graystone at Youth Work Summit 2011 started me reflecting upon my use of ‘LastMinuteFox’ as my blog and twitter identity.

This name came from a Dave Pepper’s nickname for me during my ‘gap’ year over ten years ago, presumably representing my attitude to things at the time [although in my defence I would claim this was because I was an early member of The Slow Club]. This is something about myself that I have spent much time trying to change. It could be argued that ‘LastMinutFox’ is a true representation of my identity. However I have come to conclusion that although I originally used this on-line as a joke, this is something that I do not want to continue ‘speaking over myself’ need to let go of this identity for both the sake of the young people I hope to work with and for my own personally identity and development.

I will continue blogging at neilfox.wordpress.com
and can now be found on Twitter as @TheNeilFox